Mirissa sri lanka whale watching

Set sail to the Sea of Sri Lanka with us to get a whale watching Safari experience of a lifetime. Witness the largest animal that ever existed on earth, even bigger than the dinosaurs, according to the BBC documentary Sri Lanka's Dondra Point lies between a whale's migratory path from the Atlantic Ocean and the southern corners of Australia. They annually migrate to their winter breeding and calving grounds in the warmer tropical waters of the Sea of Sri Lanka. Since this is a hotspot, you have a 95 % chance of spotting Blue Whales and a great chance of spotting Sperm Whales, during your whale watching boat safari in Sri Lanka. The best time to do whale watching at Mirissa would be from November to April. You can easily spot whales because we set sail to a place where whales permanently reside in their natural habitat for most of the time

Whale watching mirissa

whale and dolphin watching mirissa

We set sail from the Mirissa Fishing harbor at 7.00 am and you will be provided with Life jackets, Bottled water, and a picnic breakfast. Passengers are fully insured and equipped with communication equipment, Life Rafts, and Life rings. You will be guided by an experienced local guide who can show you a good time watching whales and dolphins and brief you on everything related to this sea excursion. And this trip duration is 3 to 5 hours We do whale watching trips as per the guidelines provided by international whaling commissions.

Important facts about Wildlife Safaris in Sri Lanka
What to bring? what to expect?
Weather conditions are sunny, windy, and rainy, bring your sun protection creams, hat/cap, Sun Glass (shades), etc... and wear suitable clothes for very hot conditions.
What we provide
We provide safety jackets, life rings, life rafts, insurance, and breakfast & bottle water
When to go whale watching excursion In Mirissa?
The best time will be November to April
How far is Mirissa from Colombo CMB airport?
It would take 2 h 41 min (177.4 km) via E01