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Why Udawalawe Safari ?
The Udawalawe National park is the best place to see wild elephant roaming around in a natural habitat, not to mention Udawalawe National park is the most beautiful national park in Sri Lanka because of the soaring highlands and its majestic Udawalawwe reservoir surrounded by marshes, greenish grasslands and forests, that makes a habitat not only for wild elephants but birds and many other animals including Reptiles and Mamals.
What to expect during safari !
Since Udawalawe is a small park, precisely; covering 308 square km / 119 square miles, half-day safari is adequate, unless you are a hardcore animal lover, particularly elephants. Once cheked-in you will be given a free refreshment pack and taken into the park, Our experience safari driver's know the park very well, they will take best tails...
The best part
Apart from, breathtakingly beautiful landscape, you will definitely spot Wild elephant in their natural habitat, and many other animals, if you saw Lepords you can consider yourself lucky. Park is close to Elephant transit home at Udawalawe, therefor you can visit the Elephant transit home as well. Most importantly park is less crowded, tourist numbers remain low throughout the year.
Here's the deal
Book a Safari in Udawalawe with us, 14 days prior to arrival and claim 5% discount on Jeep fee (contact us first before placing the order). We guarantee you always get the best price.

Why from us

All inclusive hassle free package.   Free pick up from Udawalawe area.    Free refreshment pack.   No hidden cost, Not even a bank fee.   Arrange transportation from anywhere at a additional cost.   We accept PayPal   24/7 Support Exclusive private safari
    All inclusive hassle free package.
    Free pick up from Udawalawe area.
    Free refreshment pack.
    No hidden cost, Not even a bank fee.
    Arrange transportation from anywhere at a additional cost
    We accept PayPal
    24/7 Support
    Exclusive private safari
Morning safari game drive in Sri Lanka


Safari Game Drive starts at 6 AM and will end's at 10.00 am, you will be picked up from your hotel in National park area at 5.15 am.

Evening Safari Game Drive in Sri Lanka


Safari Game Drive starts at 2 pm and will end's at 6.00 pm, you will be picked up from your hotel in National park area at 1.15 pm.

Full day Safari game drive in Sri Lanka


Udawalawe national park is a small park, full Day safari is not really necessary unless you are a hardcore animal lover, so contact us first.

What is included

Animal you can see in Udawalawe National Park


Sri Lankan elephants, rusty-spotted cat, fishing cat, Sri Lankan leopard, Sri Lankan sloth bear,Sri Lankan sambar deer, Sri Lankan axis deer, Indian muntjac, Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain, wild boar, water buffalo, Golden jackal, Asian palm civet, toque macaque, tufted grey langur, Indian hare, golden palm civets, mice, Ceylon spiny mouse, Indian bush rat, and mongoose


hawk-eagle, White wagtail, the spot-billed pelican, cormorants,Sri Lanka spurfowl, booted eagle, changeable, Indian roller,grey-headed fish eagle, black-capped kingfisher,Sri Lanka grey hornbill,crested serpent-eagle,pied cuckoo,white-bellied sea eagle,Eurasian spoonbill,red-faced malkoha,painted stork, brown-capped babbler,black-headed ibis, Asian openbill,Indian peafowl,Malabar pied hornbill and Sri Lanka junglefowl.

Reptiles and fish

painted-lip lizards,mugger crocodiles,Oriental garden lizards,Bengal monitors,Asian water monitors,Garra ceylonensis,giant gourami,catla,Oreochromis spp and rohu

Important facts about Udawalawe National Park

About Udawalawe National park

Lying in-between one of wet and dry zone, boundary of Sri Lanka, Udawalawe National Park consist with Plains, mountainous, marshes, forests and grasslands. Udawalawe is a smaller park, Nonetheless, given its smaller size, it has a greater density of animal to it's size ratio, notably elephants. covering approximately 8.6 km (5.3 mi) in length, with a maximum perpendicular width of 7 km (4.3 mi) Man-made Udawalawe Reservoir adds heavenly beauty to the park, intriguing it is an Elephant magnet. with a herd of about 250 believed to be permanently resident only because of the Udawalawe Reservoir. Park is a very important habitat for waterbirds as well. If you are a bird watcher this a clearly, not-to-miss, place.

Before the park is declared as a protected habitat, the Land area is used by local farmers to grow their crops by the method called shifting cultivation (China farming) now the park is a strict nature reserve. Park came to be mainly because, construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir, to provide sanctuary for wild animals displaced by the construction of the reservoir. You can sill see the remnant of human intervention, dead, expired trees standing still in the depth of the reservoir, visually reminding once this is an extent of forest.

Udawalawe National Park's annual temperature is about 27–28 °C (81–82 °F) and humidity varies from 70% to 82%. Mostly soil is reddish-brown. There is an abandoned teak plantation which was planted before the declaration of the park. Udawalawe is home to many Species, particularly 184 birds (33 of which are migratory), 135 species of butterflies, 33 reptiles, 12 amphibians, 21 fish and 43 mammals.

Flora that can be found in Udawalawe National Park

Memecylon petiolatum, Hopea cordifolia, Erythroxylon zeylanicum, and Jasminum angustifolium are endemic floral species that can be found in the Udawalawe National Park.Terminalia arjuna and Hopea cordifolia are found along the river. Imperata cylindrica and Panicum maximum are important food sources for the elephants. Other floral species are Berrya cordifolia, Chloroxylon swietenia, Adina cordifolia, Diospyros ebenum, Schleichera oleosa, Diospyros ovalifolia and Vitex pinnata. Common grass species are Grewia tiliifolia bushes and Cymbopogon confertiflorus. There are some medicinal value Plants found in the Udawalawe Park such as Phyllanthus emblica and Terminalia bellirica

Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home

The Udawalawe Elephant Transfer Home's primary objective is to rehabilitate orphaned elephant calves and then release into the Natural habitat. With the help of the Born Free Foundation, Department of Wildlife Conservation establish the Elephant Transit home, close to Udawalawe National Park, about 5km west of the Park entrance. Visitors can watch the elephants being fed, although they are not allowed to get up close and personal with the elephants. There is a viewing platform for visitors to enjoy jambos playing. It is best to combine a visit with a safari.

Ticket prices and jeep prices at Udawalawe National Park (Entrance fee)

Jeep fee for Half Day Safari is USD 45 - Jeep fee for Full Day Safari is USD 118 - Child age 6-12

Number of pax Ticket price- Adult - (per person) Ticket price- Child - (per person)
01 pax USD 58 USD 15
02 pax USD 41 USD 15
03 pax USD 38 USD 15
04 pax USD 35 USD 15
05 pax USD 33 USD 15
06 pax USD 30 USD 15